Tender Filet Credit Plan

Pork Cut Chart

A pork chart showing the cuts of meat.

A. Shoulder Butt

Bone-in Blade Roast roastbraisestewmarinategrill
Boneless Blade Roast roastbraisestewmarinategrill
Ground Pork roastbraisestewskilletmarinategrill
Sausage roastskillet grill
Blade Steak braiseskillet grill

B. Loin

Tenderloin roastskillet grill
Country-Style Ribs roastmarinategrill
Back Ribs roastmarinategrill
Sirloin Chop braiseskillet grill
Rib Chop braiseskillet grill
Loin Chop braiseskillet grill
Rib Roast roastmarinategrill
Sirloin Roast roastmarinategrill
Crown Roast roastmarinategrill

C. Leg

Bone-in Fresh Ham roast grill
Smoked Ham roast grill
Fresh Boneless Ham Roast roast grill

D. Picnic Shoulder 

Smoked Picnic braisestew
Arm Picnic Roast braisestew
Smoked Hocks braisestew

E. Side

Spareribs roastmarinategrill
Slab Bacon roastskillet grill
Sliced Bacon roastskillet grill

A chart depicting keys to recommend cooking methods.
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