Tender Filet Credit Plan

Beef Cut Chart

A beef chart showing the cuts of meat.

A. Chuck

Chuck Arm Pot Roast potroast
Chuck Shoulder Pot Roast potroast
Chuck Shoulder Steak braisemarinategrill
Chuck Eye Steak skillet grill
Chuck Top Blade Steak skillet grill
Chuck Blade Steak skillet grill
Chuck Short Ribs braise
Chuck 7 – Bone Pot Roast potroast

B. Rib Roast

Rib Steak  grill
Rib Roast roast
Ribeye Roast roast
Ribeye Steak skillet grill
Back Ribs  grill

C. Short Loin

Strip Steak skillet grill
T-Bone Steak skillet grill
Porterhouse Steak skillet grill
Tenderloin roast
Filet Mignon skillet grill

D. Sirloin

Sirloin Steak  grill
Tri-tip Roast skillet grill
Tri-tip Steak  grill

E. Round

Top Round Roast marinategrill
Round Tip Steak skillet
Round Tip Roast roast
Bottom Round Roast Eye roast

F. Shank & Brisket

Shank Cross Cut stew
Whole Brisket Flat potroast
Brisket Flat Cut marinategrill

G. Plate & Flank

Skirt Steak marinategrill
Flank Steak marinategrill

A chart depicting keys to recommend cooking methods.
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